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Your home can reflect who you are.

Your home is an extension of who you are.

It's important to all of us that our homes reflect our sense of style and comfort, but sometimes we get stuck buying that "filler item" just to put on the kitchen table because there is space.

Craig Proper handcrafts beautiful and engaging tableware and decor for your home so you can feel a little more like you, and that makes us all a little happier.




Every Craig Proper ceramic piece is designed and handcrafted (yes, that means by a real human) one at a time because I believe there's a certain character and warmth when items are made this way. There's nothing wrong with buying trendy, well-designed dishes or vases, but I believe filling our houses with only factory made things takes away from the life of a home. So I’m here to help provide some of that balance and meaning in what is made.